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I will be available on my personal blog

I know this post is a bit late…..But for those who came in late… may not be seeing me this year at college.

I would post stuff that i come across at this blog though. …so let me know if you read this blog and i’ll respond. Thank you so much for being a part of this blog through the past year. Thank  u so much.


i do see that the concepts  we discussed in class have been implemented on various levels already. New form of mobile payments,   only here the protagonist is apple and i do like the concept too… Speaking about Mac a recent study gave more weight to all your doubts……over PC users Mac users are SNOBS, Prententious, Smart, Care about the environment….here’s the video on the study.   

there hasn’t been much activity on this blog and though we can blame it on a certain lecturer who is tied up deciphering what his beloved students have contributed as an exam……or the fact that the end of the term looms ….. or the virtual tons of work that has to be done…. i do know i have skimped on posting…so here goes… humble apologies!

Please do work out a brand image makeover specific for india for this brand.  Plan and build strategies to increase the brand image of the brand in india. the case is attached in this file cb06_cobra.pdf

Here’s the branding case. Work out the Concept of the brand, Perception….a possible rebrand …look at new name, form, belief system and also a launch in India……

Don’t bother to come in without this stuff!!!


Its pretty late in the night and i know we have had a hectic fest so I’ll upload the case by tomorrow. BTW great work with the fest.

 Made in India….we are familiar about, but Made By India??? Sabeer Bhatia, our very own IT superstar has come up with another dynamic solution for online documents. Their About Us page gives some very interesting info.  Live Documents are flash based office applications that have the ability for collaboration and online and offline syncing in a MS Office based environment. Applications are similar to Microsoft’s traditional Word, Excel and Powerpoint, but are built using Flash and Flex so that any user on any system can view and edit at will in a richer multimedia environment.

   Here’s the dig! Next case on garments specifically innerwear & lingerie.  Stuff needed to enter the class.

  •  Price list of inner wear brands ( Jockey, VIP, Hanes, etc).
  • Product range of these brands.

See u in class tomorrow.

picture-2.pngWhoever said life doesn’t give you a second chance hadn’t probably a clue to Second Life. Possibly thinking whether we could have one of our classes in Second Life. Waiting for your comments on the possibility/weirdness/implementability of the idea.

Welcome in on the new semester!!! And for a good  an ok recommendation on getting books to read this should be a nice place to start.