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ok. all the smart dudes and dudettes out there, we need a tagline for this blog. Post them on this site as a comment or mail it to me…



  1. tagline??? ummmmm how bout this///


  2. this is what its all about……

  3. how about this?

    ” leveraging lectures ” or ” leveraging lectures the web 2.0 way ”

    Just to put things into context here’s how the dictionary defines leveraging:

    “power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.; sway: Being the only industry in town gave the company considerable leverage in its union negotiations. “

  4. where we get everything

  5. “what you wanted, is out here”

  6. “some people thought we knew nothing……………….”

  7. Sir i came to know about you and your blog through one of your BBM student;I am a student of Christ College
    Sir i found your blog knowledgable and i have to submitt a report on MARKETING INFORMATION SYSTEM AND MARKETING RESEARCH SYSTEM and would be very greatfull if you could publish any information or source from where i could get the above information.
    Thank You

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