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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Product Red campaign talks about combating third world woes with your vanity! For those of you still confused about it all here’s the way in which its supposed to work.

Finally another reason to satisfy our bloodthirsty rage to fill our wardrobes with stuff that we do not need and by God there’s some starving kid in Africa who is benefited  because of this indulgence. I don’t feel like swearing  though partly because of how swearing works!

Kinda maybe funny that we talk about swearing when Google is  busy taking pictures of us in our homes to digitally catalog (voyeurs!) yours and mine lives. So much for privacy!



As I had mentioned in on my cabin about the research and the people required to run the show here’s the dig!

I talk so much about the power of the web and the internet being more than accessible to us today….and i am frankly a little bit miffed up with constant requests to upload the slides of Kotler on this blog.

As I did mention in class these are the slides that come with the book….meaning it comes with every book….meaning there would be a zillion copies of the slides with a gazillion people on the net.

kotler filetype:ppt  

A simple search for the above  term will give you 10,500 ppt slides and half of them are the kotler slides…. please allow technology make life easier for u and me!

We have Prof. Victor J Cook from Tulane talking about Value and Enterprise marketing in this cool presentation. Can we use something of this in our teaching pedagogy??? Would we be creating value for our professors and / or students???

Today we talked about changing times and changing theorists…..heres a riff about Michael Porter that you might find interesting!

And Dunkins has got more than coffee and donuts on its web alias today!

Found out this interesting argument here. Read on and let me know what you feel!

1. The Body Mass Index (BMI) Is wrong because the “weight” is expressed as a function of the square of the height. That might be ok if we had two dimensional bodies, height and depth or height and width. In fact, we have three dimensional bodies: height, width and depth. Therefore “weight” must be expressed as a function of the cube of the height. This problem is the biggie. Fortunately, it can easily be dealt with by changing the mathematical formula.

2. Another problem is that even if the problem defined above is solved the density of the body is simply not considered. Even the cube formula does not deal with weight. It deals with volume. That would be ok if all of us had equal density. Maybe we do. I just don’t know.

I recognized the first problem about 8 years ago and derived an appropriate cube formula. I did not attempt to publish it because I have no credentials in the health field and because I fully expected that a mathematically literate MD would promptly shoot down the BMI humbug. As far as I know, this never happened.

Eight years have passed and it seems that BMI is well established. Recently, I observed a BMI chart in the examination room of my primary care physician. I asked him, “Doctor, does it not seem to you that the BMI weights recommended for short people are excessive?” The good doctor looked at the chart, thought about it and said, “Yes, they are a bit on the heavy side.”

See for yourself. Google BMI and click on any of the listed items. Health Monitor table is easier to read than the others.

अब हिन्दी मे या, ಕನಡದಲಿ or if you prefer ગુજ્રતિ , ਪੁਨ੍ਜਬਿ, ওর বন্গলা मे type  कर सक्ते है.

So much for the web being more accessible…even for those who read their mail standing on their heads!


Now you can have a T-shirt that helps you interact via text messaging – Reactee is a cool concept that could actually be a big boom idea here in India. And for those of you searching for a way to visualize search data online, Touchgraph could be a great place to start!

And Donald Trump (yeah the apprentice guy!)  has something to say (not that i haven’t been pestering you guys and girls about it from day one!) about how he became what he is! Info on that here.

Have a nice holiday!

First impression the best impression???? how about bettering that first one then? The ancient sages have always proclaimed that “….tis best that though givest thy calling card for its provideth the best introduction about thou!”

Now if thats the case….here are some innovations on that.


You can now print your business cards on Peanuts (featured above). Talking about people eating into your sales pitch! Of course we knew that Moo gave us the option of printing our favorite photos from Flickr as cards. There are quite a lot of other innovative calling cards out there….send me the info  if you find some……

Btw…..if you are a flickr fan…you may just like to see some of my photography skills here.