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Its that rare moment of glory! A slice of time that none can take away from you. It all starts as the bell which signifies the commencement of the exam goes on. As seconds tick by, every student prepares for battle and the ink flows albeit a bit more stronger than in class. And then its the time when you are racing past time filling pages with definitions, charts, policies and strategies and then it suddenly happens…the moment you have been waiting for that beacon light… are at the end of your booklet and suddenly time appears to stand still and you raise your hand (the first to do so…..while others strain no to hear your echoing voice that says..) Extra sheet Sir!

You’ve clinched it! The first to get the extra sheet….the smug smile on your face contrasting with the surprised look on the invigilators’. You’ve made it, ahead of the minions writing the exam with you, you’ve stood above them and the sheer adrenaline takes over….first it was being the fastest to get to this level….now its a matter of the most number of pages.

The battle cry has been sounded. Now the hands start popping up all around you. Its impossible to know the strength or the resilience of the enemy. Only one thing can get you to the pinnacle of glory…your relentless pursuit of upstaging yourself and then as if sent from heaven the words flow and the sheets increase.

Suddenly a new villain appears on the horizon. To take away your performance, to cut short your time of glory…..the invigilator starts handing out extra sheets to every student….and he places a couple of sheets at your desk…taking away that instant of sheer pride of your hand going up. You are angry, shocked, reviled….and more determined. This will not be the end of this….and you start writing with renewed vigor, the extra sheets by your side finished ……your hand goes up again and again….restoring and removing every doubt of who is winning this battle…and then the bell goes.

And as you hand over your papers the sight of the size of your booklet gives you the contented feeling  of being the one….with the most number of extras!



  1. Nice one

  2. this is awesome sir…. Something almost every student has in his / her mind…

  3. Prof, do u think an extra sheet really matterS? Is the quality or the quantity that counts?

  4. good one sir. i guess all of us pitch into this undeclared competition as soon as the first extra sheet is taken. very well reflected. shows what you have learned as a student

  5. haha nice one sir.. and the funny part is after the exam finishes most of us actually end up asking ‘how many extra sheets??….n how long were ur answers!!?’specially wen it cums to a theory based subject!!
    indeed ends up being a prestige issue..!!

  6. lol….very true sir….!!!never actually thought of it but it so happens all the time!!!!! Dam Neat stuff….

  7. neat thought….. n we guys do our best to fill pages…. hey the More the Merrier!

  8. awesome stuff… thts wht peolple ask as soon as they come out after exam… … they shouldnt lag behind atleast in no. of sheets even if their answers make no sense… very neat

  9. Ah! Nice..u read my…for sure..

    Goblay is goin brilliant sir as v seein..

    n yea..u cn check this blog out..

    on mkting strategies on indian brands and general..

  10. haha…thts cool stuff…!!!! n its so true…(thinkin bout it…)! Way to go Sir!!!! 😉

  11. that was fascinating!!! 🙂

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