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picture-2.pngWhoever said life doesn’t give you a second chance hadn’t probably a clue to Second Life. Possibly thinking whether we could have one of our classes in Second Life. Waiting for your comments on the possibility/weirdness/implementability of the idea.



  1. hmmm really looking forward to how much more virtual ur class can really get…bring it on!!

  2. Only for marketing..?

  3. It would be really amazing to attend a class on SL.Universities like Priceton and Harward already have vitual classrooms in SL, though it would be distracting to have fellow classmates flying overhead and teleporting. A problem may arise for you can’t fire up other client software (Office 2007, VLC media player) within Second Life., though presentations can be made by converting the images to .jpg format.
    The limits on bandwidth and avatars can be handled by keeping the environment simple, and leaving out most construction other than what is needed to teach the course effectively or else classes would crash often.
    This idea can definately be implemented, moreover students from all over will be able to attend classes and interact and lectures or rather the discussion can be stored as well.

    • sruthi hariharan
    • Posted November 30, 2007 at 4:40 pm
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    that wud be truly an xperience !and getting the entire class on second life wud be more than challenging!! lets try it sir…..

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