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Research Associates

Looking for some research associates who have a thing for research, getting people worked up with questions and also a unsatiable desire to know why people behave the way they behave.

Please note that this will involve time, effort, and lots of free coffee! Drop me a line on why you are interested and what is it that you have that will make me want to give you the free coffee!!!

Hurry cause i have to make a decision before the 31st of July 2007



  1. i m interested ‘coz i m a web savvy….as i think dat shd be da eligibility for da work….besides i wanna do somthin different….more than som bpo job in my lyf….i spend atleast 3-4 hrs a day onlyn…of course nt orkuttin….n nt downloadin da rong stuf…!! jus lyk to browse through…n find new things out…so if dat tym could b more useful…i would lyk to try it out…by da way i m da same guy who came to ur cabin after klas….u asked me to leave a reply….so here it is…

  2. Hi Sir,

    I had sent you an email regarding this. Trust you have received it!

  3. Hi Sir,
    I am interested in joining this work cause I am a person who believes in taking up a work with full determination and then finish the work also rather than leaving the work in between. Every one wants to do things differently but I want to do different things also very differently.

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